Saint Ignatius High School

Perspectives from the Classroom

A goal for the CIP is for our objectives to be communicated through a story-driven, multimodal format - empowering teachers and students to tell stories of what makes this experience unique.

Perspectives from the Classroom is a quarterly blog featuring innovative, creative, and inspiring perspectives on teaching and learning from our exceptional faculty and staff.  Below are stories from teachers who exhibit best practices in Ignatian Pedagogy and the Science of Teaching and Learning; highlighting strategies that they use that have had a positive impact on academics. 

2022-2023 theme: 

Promoting meaningful student engagement

Faculty Stories: 

Ms. Julianna Burrows, Fine Arts 
Mr. Jon Barker, Mathematics 
Mr. Thomas Yarcusko, English 
Mr. Brandon Foster, Science 

2023-2024 theme:

Partnering rigor and care: enhancing rigor through cura personalis

Faculty Stories: 

  • Ms. Kim Gross, English 
  • Mr. Dan True, Theology
  • Mr. Clayton Petras, Fine Arts
  • Ms. Nikki Henderson, History