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Ignatian Pedagogy in Practice is an annual periodical for Jesuit educators to share and publish research-informed articles on key issues in 21st-century Jesuit education. Our first issue is forthcoming in Spring 2024. If you are interested in submitting a piece for consideration, please see the Call for Papers provided below.

Call for Papers: 

Spring 2024 Issue—Reimagining Rigor: Elevating Learning for All Students in the 21st-Century

The idea of rigor has a complex history across Jesuit schools and, today in the 21st century, has evolved well beyond typical assumptions about what rigor can or should look like. This issue of Ignatian Pedagogy in Practice invites educators to reimagine how we define rigor in Jesuit school contexts, particularly in the face of a quickly evolving landscape for educating students. We welcome submissions from educators in secondary schools and universities. We are particularly interested in submissions that:

  • Seek to (re)define rigor in markedly “Ignatian” ways
  • Situate rigor in the core principles and values of Jesuit education
  • Engage with the very real and complex opportunities shaping the field of education (AI, the need for greater and more authentic inclusion, mental health, etc.)
  • Position their ideas in the context of current scholarly, academic research on teaching and learning

All submissions must be submitted by April 15, 2024. Submissions must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • Total length of 1000-1500 words (excluding references)
  • Research-based (please provide a list of references formatted using APA 7)
  • Times New Roman Font
  • Present an original and explicit perspective/position 

Please send submissions to Dr. Terra Caputo at

Students Leading for Inquiry:

Forthcoming Spring 2024