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All students complete class retreats as freshmen and sophomores before making an overnight retreat junior year. Seniors are granted opportunities to lead retreats, like Kairos or Wilderness, which are based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

I feel good strengthening my relationship with God. That gives me hope that I carry throughout the day.

Tyler Kidd ‘20
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Retreats are a central spiritual experience in the life of a Saint Ignatius student.  This is a privileged time to reflect on one's life journey and consider how God is continually inviting us into a deeper relationship.

Over four years, all students will have the opportunity to focus on developing their relationship with God through participating in Freshman Spirit Day, a Sophomore prayer group, and making a retreat during Junior and Senior year.

Retreat Options

A variety of retreat options are available to students of all four years. Upperclassmen are required to make one overnight retreat, usually Kairos or Wilderness. Seniors are invited to apply for the opportunity to lead these retreats.
  • Kairos: The most popular overnight retreat, this four-day, three-night experience takes students to the Jesuit Retreat House in Parma to enjoy “God’s time.” Each day asks a question about the student’s relationship with Jesus and seeks to help students begin answering those questions. Saint Ignatius has run more than 200 Kairos retreats. Open to: Juniors and Seniors.
  • Wilderness: In Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest students discover God in creation and in community with each other. No hiking or camping experience is required, but students should be ready for a “rugged” outing during the four-day, three-night trip. Most gear is provided, and retreatants must attend two orientation meetings before the trip. Open to: Juniors and Seniors.
  • Emmaus Retreat: A hiking retreat throughout the Cuyahoga Valley, the Emmaus retreat is inspired by the story of Jesus meeting the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Open to: Juniors and Seniors.
  • Movie Retreat: Jesus taught in parables. Movies are modern day parables. They provide a short story that relates to our everyday lives that provide a lesson into how we can better live each day in line with God’s teaching. St. Ignatius teaches us to see God in all things. Why not movies? Movie titles have included Field of Dreams, Spiderman, Batman Returns, Dr. Strange, Soul, and many more. The movie retreat is a one day retreat that takes place at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Parma.
  • The COPE Retreat: COPE stands for the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. The COPE retreat takes place at the Beaumont Scout Camp in Ashtabula County. The COPE course provides a series of team oriented obstacles or initiatives that provide opportunities to learn about the importance of team work, community, trust, confidence, etc. Connections are made to how these values are an integral part of our faith. The COPE retreat is a three day, two-night retreat.
  • The Freshman Hiking Retreat:The Freshman Hiking Retreat is offered twice each school year (once in the fall and once in the spring). The retreat takes place in the Cuyahoga Valley Recreation Area. The goal of the retreat is for freshman to hear from upperclassmen about how they have lived out their faith in the Saint Ignatius community and have grown in their knowledge of God’s love for them. Faith witnesses are given by upperclassmen throughout the 8-mile hike.
  • Ignatian Yoga Retreat:The Ignatian Yoga Retreat is led by staff members AJ Short and Jon Jarc (both certified yoga instructors). The retreat is a one-day retreat and takes place at the Jesuit Retreat Center. The overall goal of the retreat is for participants to learn the importance of meditation, breathing and care for one’s self and body in the overall development of one’s spiritual life.
New for 2023-24 year: Freshman Retreat
  • Freshman Retreat: A three-day experience where students spend time on and off campus learning about how to foster meaningful and intentional relationships with God and others during their four years at Saint Ignatius High School. The first freshman retreat will take place March 21, 22 and 23 and is a mandatory graduation requirement for all freshmen. More details will be sent out closer to the retreat.
  • Campus Ministry

    Overseeing faith programs is Campus Ministry, which plans and leads retreats, school liturgies, mission trips, social justice initiatives, and leadership opportunities in these areas.

  • Theology Department

    From the history of the Church and the Jesuits, to Scripture, prayer, morality, and the life of Jesus Christ, the Theology Department helps young men understand and grow in their Catholic faith.

Campus Ministry Staff