Saint Ignatius High School


Students making the Cleveland mission trip take a deep dive into the experience of and issues behind homelessness. Over four days, participants gain a first-hand perspective on the lives of homeless people, as well as how to help serve them.

A deep dive into homelessness and the issues surrounding it will show students a very different side of the city they call home. Participants will learn the stories of homeless men and women who are friends of the Labre ministry, experience a “day in the life” of a homeless person, learn about the agencies that work with the poor, and explore problems and potential solutions to the issue of homelessness. While local, this still is an overnight trip that will take students outside their comfort zone all within city limits.

  • Mission Trips

    The Fr. Thomas Gafney, S.J. '50 Mission Trip Program sends students to domestic and international destinations in pursuit of service, learning and faith-formation. These summer immersion experiences are open to students after sophomore year.