Saint Ignatius High School

Faith Formation

Faith formation is rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola,
and is the foundation of our mission. We believe every student should develop an understanding of his role in fulfilling the mission of Saint Ignatius High School. Each student should continually grow in his ability to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ as stated in the mission statement of our school.


Vision ’30 calls for us to design and implement robust faith formation initiatives based on Roman Catholic principles and best practices of evangelization. In collaboration with the Academic Preparation initiatives, we aim to create opportunities for all students to regularly engage in experiences, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.

The Companions Center for Faith that Does Justice was completed in February 2022, and is a beautiful multi-use workspace that supports the closer collaboration of Campus Ministry, Theology and the Christian Action Team (C.A.T.) in the work of forming our students in the Catholic faith.

We are weaving more intentional issues of Catholic Social Teaching across our curriculum and are moving steadily in promoting sustainability practices of Caring for our Common Home. The Center is an institutional support structure of a present-day learning environment to encourage interdepartmental engagement.

We believe the outcome of a Saint Ignatius High School education is to form faithful men for and with others. Spiritual formation and character development will be embedded throughout academic formation to ensure Ignatius graduates become highly effective men for others, preparing to fulfill God’s plan for them as adults.