Saint Ignatius High School

Admissions Test

The first of three potential dates for 8th graders to take the Saint Ignatius Admissions Test. The test begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends around noon. The other dates are October 20 and November 3. Please select the most convenient date for you. Register today!
The Admissions test covers math, English and reading, and is used as only one criterion for evaluating prospective students. All prospective students must take this test. 

The test fee is $20, which can be paid online during registration. If you have any questions about payment, please contact Patti Walcutt in the Finance Office at ext. 328. 

At the test, each student will receive several forms that will need to be returned to our office by late January: 

  • Principal/Teacher Recommendation 

  • Pastor Recommendation 

All the test dates are Saturdays, and all of the tests start at 8:30 a.m. and end around noon. There will be a parent information session in The Breen Center for the Performing Arts on all three test dates. These sessions will cover admissions and financial aid policies, among other things. 

A student can only take the test one time at any given high school, so while students are required to take the test here on whichever date they prefer, parents can also sign them up somewhere else that uses the same test we do (HSPT), as we will honor that score if it's higher (including for merit scholarships!) as well. All they have to do is report the score to us (scan and email it or drop a copy in the mail, whichever is easier) and we'll include it in the student's file.