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Saint Ignatius High School

Graduation Mass & Conferral of Diplomas

We have rescheduled the Graduation Ceremony, previously scheduled for May 24, in order to gather properly as a community to honor the Class of 2020.

With our campus remaining closed for the rest of the school year and the continued uncertainty of social distancing regulations for the near future, we have made plans for alternatives to the original end-of-year events for our seniors.

We have professed from the onset of COVID-19 that we are not in favor of a "virtual graduation" conducted online as a means of replacing the traditional ceremony that is so cherished by our students and families. Therefore, we have rescheduled a combined Graduation Mass and Conferall of Diplomas so we can gather properly as a community to honor the class of 2020:

Graduation: July 31st
Time: 5 p.m.
Location: Saint Ignatius High School Campus
This date has been chosen in our best efforts to avoid any barriers to gathering as a community. July 31st is also the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, so it is quite fitting for our young men to graduate on this day when the entire world is honoring our patron saint.
  • Due to social distancing restrictions, the use of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is not permitted for the Graduation Mass. Therefore, the Graduation Mass will be held in the Sullivan Gym for seniors only. Seniors will wear the traditional blue blazer, white shirt and khakis. They will be given their ceremonial graduation tie as they enter the gym. The seniors will be seated throughout the gym following social distancing protocol. The Mass will be broadcasted live on the SIBN network. The Mass is for seniors only. 
  • Parents of seniors will be invited to view the Mass on big screens located in the Breen Center, the Murphy Gym and the Rade Dining Hall. Parents will be assigned to these locations alphabetically to allow for proper social distancing. Parents will also be given the opportunity to receive the Eucharist from these locations as well. Graduation booklets will be distributed to parents at this time, as well as the carnation for their son to wear when he receives his diploma. Due to social distancing requirements, only parents of seniors will be permitted to attend. Siblings, grandparents and other relatives will not be given tickets. Further details on ticketing will be forthcoming. 
  • Immediately following Mass, the first part of the Graduation ceremony will take place in the Sullivan Gym. Speeches by the class valedictorian & salutatorian will be delivered, followed by the presentation of student awards. Principal Bradesca '88 & Fr. Guiao, S.J. '82 will share their remarks with the senior class, followed by a closing benediction. All of this will be broadcast live on SIBN, and parents will continue to view the ceremony from their remote locations on campus.
  • At the conclusion of the speeches and awards, we will begin to dismiss seniors and their parents in designated groups to The Breen Center for the Conferral of Diplomas. As students and parents are dismissed to The Breen Center, they will meet up with each other and proceed to the lobby of The Breen Center where they will line up to walk across the stage. In years past, parents did not always play a role in graduation. Now, mom & dad can help with the corsage and make sure their son's tie is just right. More importantly, for the first time ever, parents will accompany their son as he walks across the stage to receive his diploma from Fr. Guiao. The school's photography team will be positioned in the theater to get a perfect, close-up picture of each student receiving his diploma, as well as a parent & son pose with Fr. Ray on the decorated stage. As this portion of the ceremony proceeds, it will be broadcast live on SIBN. As parents wait to get called to accompany their sons, they can watch the ceremony unfold from their respective locations. 
  • After parents and their sons have received their diplomas, they will exit The Breen Center and are free to leave. Families are free to seek personal photograph opportunities on the mall after the ceremony. 
This combined event will take place rain or shine, and therefore allows all of us to definitively plan accordingly and know that we will in fact have a graduation.
Thank you in advance for your continued patience and understanding as we strive to make the Class of 2020's transition from students to alumni be memorable and fitting.