Computer Science

Pre Med Society

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Level 1 - Introduction to Programming

This course introduces basic programming and design principles using the Java Programming Language.  It Covers:

  • Program Structure and Flow
  • Primitive Data Types and Objects
  • Loops and Conditions
  • Arrays, Lists and Array List
  • Basic Class Design:  Inheritance, Interfaces and Polymorphism
  • Introduction to Advanced Functions:  Sorting, Searching, Recursion and File I/O

This course uses Eclipse as the Development Environment, and endeavors to solidify the students’ knowledge of programming through the development of Menu-Driven Console Applications, and Graphical Applications that utilize the Java Swing Library.

Level 2 - Advanced Programming & Mobile App Development

This course picks up where the Introductory Course leaves off and does the following:

  • Reviews Fundamental Programming Concepts and Expands to cover AP Computer Science Topics such as Advanced Class Design
  • Covers Advanced Programming Topics including Sorting, Searching and Recursion
  • Teaches Database Design and Programming using the SQL Language, with Microsoft SQL Server as the Primary Development Tool
  • Introduces HTML and CSS Principles
  • Teaches students how to use jQuery to store and retrieve data from a SQL Server Database using a Web-Services API
  • Introduces System Design and Modeling Principles

This course includes a Capstone project that puts together the Application Programing, SQL Programming and Front-End Design Principles.  Refer to the next page for details on the 2014-15 Project:  The Examen Mobile Application.

Level 3 - Software Design and Development

Saint Ignatius High School Level 3 CS is an extremely challenging course in which students design, develop and deploy a real-world Software Application. During the process, they will learn:

  • Class and Database Design Methodologies including the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the Unified Process
  • Software Architecture Principles
  • Microsoft Development Framework including MVC and TFS
  • Students will use and practice Agile Modeling / Scrum Development Principles

Student Learning is built around a year-long software development project in which students perform all aspects of Software Development from Requirements Gathering to Design to Development to Testing and Rollout.

2014-15 Level 2 Project:  The Examen Mobile Application

Project Requirements

Develop a mobile friendly web application, using the principles of Fr. Michael Denk’s Examen iPhone Application, that does the following:

  • Walks users through the 5 steps of the Examen
  • Allows users to create an account and Login
  • Allows users to Journal their thoughts during each step of the process
  • Allow Administrators to configure Themes including Background Images, Daily Passages, and Instructional Videos
  • The system must work on Mobile Devices, Tablets and Personal Computers
The Process

The class conducted the Requirements Gathering during a meeting with Fr. Michael Denk from the Diocese of Cleveland.  The Class worked on an Architecture that included:

  • An HTML / CSS Based Front End that used the Bootstrap Framework to provide a responsive design that works on Mobile, Tablet and Laptop Views
  • jQuery methods for getting and storing data in the SQL Server Database
  • A SQL Server Relational Database Design that separated Theme, Journal and User information
  • A Web-Services API for linking the Web Front End with the backend Database

The class then broke into teams to handle each of the major function areas including Theme Management, Journal Management, Registration and the Main Examen Screens.

The Result

A fully-working Mobile Friendly Application that walks users through the steps of the Examen. Create an Account and see for yourself at:

2015-16 Level 3 Project

Ohio City Pasta Business Automation

The challenge for the 2015-16 L3 Team was to develop a Business Automation System for our neighbor, Ohio City Pasta, that would:

  • Accept Orders Online
  • Generate Work Orders and Track them through Production
  • Manage Product Information including Recipes and Cost
  • Manage Customer Information and Shipping Info