Saint Ignatius High School

Completed Projects

Since our founding in 1886, we have continued to grow our campus--all the while staying true to our City of Cleveland roots. We plan to be here for the next century and beyond. Campus needs continue to evolve and change; to remain strong and continue to grow, we must be prepared to meet those needs.
  • Saint Ignatius Mall

    The Mall renovation completed in August 2011 features upgraded lighting creating a safer atmosphere for the Ohio City neighborhood. The brick surface was replaced while still maintaining bricks from the original renovation. This space is a favorite gathering place for students, faculty and staff, and alumni.

  • The Robert M. Walton '41 Center for Learning

    The Walton Center is a one-stop shop for students to get extra help, complete make-up tests or assignments, or collaborate on a class project. The technology available in the Walton Center is very helpful to students, whose grade schools may have relied on different teaching styles that went beyond the traditional lecture format.

  • St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel Organ

    For Pat Macoska ’69, building a musical instrument for Saint Ignatius High School was more than a pipe dream. He completed the magnificent pipe organ residing in St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel. “I wanted to do something for Saint Ignatius that exemplified the value I received from my education here,” Macoska says. It is fitting, then, that his gift combined both of his career tracks: architecture and music.

  • Marian Mall

    The vision for this contemplative sacred space was conceived just before the untimely passing of Jim Skerl ’74, an alumnus and longtime faculty member. When presented with the concept of this project being constructed in his memory, Jim embraced the idea of a grotto, where faculty, staff, and students could encounter Christ and the Blessed Mother through prayer and meditation. It was built in his memory and that of his longtime mentor, veteran Theology teacher Michael “Doc” Pennock ’64. The Marian Mall includes a stunning grotto with the eight Corporal Works of Mercy embedded within it. Planted in the ground facing the statue of Mary is a bronze casting of Jim Skerl’s size 15 feet–perhaps where he would have stood were he still alive today.

  • Gibbons Hall

    Located next to Saint Ignatius High School on West 32nd Street and Carroll Avenue, the majority of Gibbons Hall is now home to the Saint Ignatius Wrestling program. The renovation provided for a larger, dedicated center in which to practice. The building is also home to the Joseph Family Kitchen for the St. Benedict Joseph Labre Homeless Ministry. This is the first time the Labre Ministry will have a full kitchen to prepare meals for the homeless. The new commercial kitchen includes ample storage which streamlines the meal preparation process as well as being a central gathering place to pray and prepare before each excursion.

  • Strength and Conditioning Center

    Located in the basement of Murphy Gym, this 7,000 square-foot state-of-the-art center allows up to 150 students to use it at one time. Dedicated to Nick Restifo, the Saint Ignatius offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, and Spanish teacher since 1983, the Restifo Commons connect the center to the rest of the building.