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Circus Company

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The Saint Ignatius Circus Company is made up of students who have an interest in juggling, magic, unicycle riding, and performance acrobatics. The club meets weekly for practice and performs at more than 150 events each year which include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, scout meetings and Indians games.

The Circus Company was started in 1985 by two students who wanted to share their juggling abilities with others. The Circus Company has grown into a nationally recognized organization. Several members of the Company have won individual awards at both magic and juggling conventions.

In 2010, the Circus Company made it to the finals of the International Juggling Association Team Competition. Some former members are even currently performing professionally.

Interested in having the Circus Company perform at your event?

If you are interested in having us at one of your events, please contact the moderators below. We offer several different show variations:

Standard Show: This 30 minute stage show offers juggling and a little bit of magic. Our standard show is adapted to suit the audience. This show has been around for years and continues to entertain audiences of all ages.

Strolling Show: This 60 minute strolling show is for non-stage performances. Our performers wander among the crowd interacting with them and doing several mini-shows. We perform a lot of these types of shows at church picnics, festivals, and during cocktail hours at hotels for convention groups.

Learn to Juggle: This instructional show teaches kids how to juggle. The best age range for this type of show is children in 3rd -8th grade.


Art Thomas

Art has been the moderator of the Circus Company since the start. In 2006, he won the International Juggling Association's Excellence in Education Award, which recognizes an individual's effort to teach and promote the art of juggling. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching has inspired and encourages several generations of Circus Company members.

Chris Laco '03

Chris was a former Circus Company member and president. He returned to Ignatius as a teacher and moderator in 2009. Although he still juggles, his true passion is teaching the art of juggling to others. Chris also oversees the summer juggling camp.