86th Annual Scholarship Drive

Student-driven fundraiser with a $50,000 grand prize drawing on March 1, 2024

Saint Ignatius High School

Give to The Campaign For Vision '30

Now is the time to focus on Our Future, Our Legacy.

We seek to raise $100 million with $50 million for Academic Facilities Construction and Renovation, and $50 million for Endowment Growth. 

Academic Facilities Construction and Renovation: $50 Million

We are seeking to raise $50 million over the next 3-5 years to fund the construction and renovation of our academic facilities. This project includes construction of a new three-story academic wing that will house 15 new classrooms of various sizes on the second and third floors, a large group instruction room and student common areas on the first floor, along with a new athletic suite (varsity locker room, training room and offices). It will also include a complete renovation of the library, Walton Center and both college counseling and school counseling offices. The new academic wing will be built on land currently occupied by the Carroll Gym and maintenance garage/power plant building. With the demolition of those structures, the power plant will be relocated to the basement of the Main Classroom Building. Another phase of this project will include the renovation of the Main Classroom Building classrooms and Loyola Hall classrooms to update and install consistent learning technologies throughout. This bold capital improvement plan driven by Vision ’30 will provide much needed classroom flexibility (currently there are no vacant classrooms during the typical school day) for project based work, small group work, and interdisciplinary programming. The addition of student common areas will provide much needed space for students to eat, study, socialize or relax during lunch periods and activity time.

Endowment Growth: $50 Million
Through current contributions and planned giving commitments, we are seeking to grow our total endowment by $50 million: fund our increasing need for financial aid ($30 million); ensure the proper care and maintenance of new facilities ($10 million); and continue to focus on faith formation, faculty professional development, academic and athletic program development and other ongoing needs ($10 million).