Arrupe Neighborhood Partnership

Arrupe Summer Program 2016

We had a great 2016 Arrupe Summer Program! This year we welcomed more than 180 neighborhood youth, 70 high school counselors and 25 adult staff for our 21st summer program. Thank you to all who participated and made this summer phenomenal.

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Arrupe Summer Program

Arrupe Summer Program (ASP) provides an opportunity for high school students to spend a portion of their summer serving as positive role models to children living in under-resourced circumstances on the near west side of Cleveland. ASP takes place at Urban Community School (UCS), located right down the street from Saint Ignatius (4904 Lorain Avenue) and serving as a partner with Arrupe to engage Saint Ignatius students, female  high school students and neighborhood children in an activity-packed 5 weeks. The program encourages friendship, sportsmanship, leadership, educational enrichment, and most importantly fun!

As a high school counselor/mentor, your role will be vital to the success of our program. For the entire program, you will be paired with one or two children who have completed 3rd through 6th grade. The first two days of camp are mandatory orientation days for counselors only. Although this is a major volunteer commitment (150+ hours), the lessons you learn and friends you make will last for years. This volunteer opportunity is an option for Sophomore Service for students who have completed their Freshman year.


Saint Ignatius and female high school student counselors talk about ASP... 

"This program has been an amazing experience for me. It's been great working with Arrupe staff this summer. There's nothing really that could be improved with this program in the future. I do plan on attending next year. Thanks for a great summer!" 

"It taught me patience, acceptance, and how to see life and its challenges through a child's eyes. Arrupe helped shape my future and what I want to do and study when I am older."

 "You can tell that everybody on the Arrupe staff loved every camper, counselor, and situation that they created."

 "Through every problem, every step of the way, the staff were constantly checking on the progress with my three campers. They always showed their concern and it not only impressed me but it also impressed my campers."

 "[The staff] were role models to me and they made me realize that I want to give back."

"My involvement has showed me the benefit of service; I plan to continue serving others through the Arrupe Neighborhood Partnership." 
"It made me humble and more aware of poverty."
"It has made me an overall more compassionate, patient, and tolerant person. It also made me appreciate everything that I have and sometimes take for granted. It was also extremely inspiring."
"It has helped me with other relationships in my life. What I learned while interacting with my camper translated to me being a brother, a friend, and a son."
"I have realized material possesions are not needed at all to be happy."
"ASP...has shown me that service can be fun and challenging at the same time and that (I think) God's call to me is with children. ...this was my first hardcore project with kids. I loved it so much and I hope that I will continue to help out in this way. It has also enabled me to meet many Ignatius guys that I probably would not have."