Saint Ignatius High School

Affordability & Enrollment

We believe our financial and admissions models should flow from and prioritize our core mission of forming young men in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic church through a Jesuit education at Saint Ignatius High School. A Saint Ignatius education will remain affordable for families with a student who qualifies academically and has a desire to attend our school.

To ensure a Saint Ignatius education remains affordable for all families and sustainable long-term, The Campaign for Vision ’30 seeks to add an additional $30 million to the endowment earmarked specifically for financial assistance. We will continue to focus on annual fundraising for tuition assistance through the Annual Fund, Christmas Concert and Scholarship Drive. The Saint Ignatius Endowment is the foundation that allows the school to be accessible to families of all means.

As we consider our enrollment size, enrollment numbers are not expected to increase for the foreseeable future. In alignment with learning goals, smaller classrooms lead to more individualized attention, increased participation, and maintain strong communication between the teacher and students. Our goal is to maintain 20-22 students per classroom, which research suggests is within the ideal student to teacher ratio for modern learning. The process of determining the correct size of enrollment will be an ongoing annual process that takes into consideration how we attract the best mix of students who are prepared for an Ignatius education, open to a faith based curriculum, market conditions, teacher to student ratio, facilities and finance.