38th Annual Christmas Concert

Students, friends, family, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to the 38th annual Saint Ignatius High School Christmas Concert on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022. This promises to be another unforgettable evening when we gather as a community once again at Severance Hall to welcome the coming of Christ and celebrate the faith and friendships that are hallmarks of our Saint Ignatius family.

Saint Ignatius High School


In state-of-the-art lab and classroom facilities, Science teachers lead instruction in the theory and practice of biology, chemistry, physics, the body, the environment and more.

Through the Health Sciences Program, we are giving kids real world experience in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. It’s another way we take teaching beyond the classroom walls.

Tara Henderson
Science Department
Health Sciences Program Coordinator
Tara Henderson <br> Science Department <br> Health Sciences Program Coordinator image

The Saint Ignatius Science Department teaches a curriculum that, first and foremost, combines scientific studies with Ignatian values to ensure every student has the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. We offer a thorough and comprehensive course of study that enables our students to compete and excel in an increasingly technological world.  In our mission of science education, we strive to form each student into a scientifically inquisitive, life-long learner who is dedicated to understanding and improving the world and who is also ethically committed to supporting a just society.

Special Topics 

  • Marine Science 

  • Environmental Science 

  • Anatomy & Physiology 

AP Courses 

  • Biology 

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

Related Opportunities 

  • Health Sciences Program

  • Hydrocats 

  • Robotics Team 

  • Science Olympiad 

Science Faculty & Staff