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Saint Ignatius High School


From literature to grammar, creative writing to poetry, our English department teaches students to write well and read critically. The curriculum includes reading novels, writing research papers and a pair of AP classes, available to upperclassmen.

Teaching high school boys is hard work – yet so much fun. They never cease to make me laugh. It is my honor and privilege to do this job.

Cindy Hruby
English Department
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The English Department’s program strengthens students’ abilities to read, think and write analytically and effectively. We believe that a Jesuit education allows for the fullest development of all human qualities and ascribes to the Jesuit ideal of eloquentia perfecta, speaking and writing artfully and fluently. Our program is therefore designed to combine critical thinking and disciplined studies with imagination and reflection. We are dedicated to forming life-long learners; men for others. We strive to create students who are not only proficient readers and writers but who understand and appreciate the context, theme and style of literature. Our program emphasizes understanding, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation; skills that are critical not only to the assessment of literature but to the navigation of life itself.

Special Topics

  • Writing for Publication

AP Courses

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Seminar in English

Related Opportunities

  • The EYE (newspaper)
  • The Ignatian (yearbook)
  • VISTA (literary magazine)
  • Young Authors' Club

Faculty & Staff