Our Mission is Essential

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Saint Ignatius High School

Jesuit Identity

What makes Saint Ignatius a Jesuit high school? For starters, the Grad-at-Grad, Ignatian spirituality, cura personalis and faith formation that are all at the heart of our mission!

What is distinctive about Jesuit education? Character formation. Our aim is to develop students in every dimension of the person so that they will become men of character, ready to serve God, capable of making a great difference in the lives of others.

Fr. Dan Reim, S.J., Director of Mission
Fr. Dan Reim, S.J., Director of Mission image

Mission Statement

Saint Ignatius High School, with its Catholic tradition rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, prepares young men for their adult lives by
  • Challenging them to academic excellence and the desire for life-long learning
  • Nurturing them to be
    • Open to growth,
    • Intellectually competent,
    • Religious,
    • Loving and
    • Committed to work for peace and justice
  • Inspiring them to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Jesuits on Campus

Saint Ignatius High School is blessed to have a community of Jesuit priests, brothers and Jesuits-in-training who live and, in most cases work, on campus.
  • Rev. Raymond P. Guiao, S.J. '82 - President
  • Rev. Fred Benda, S.J. - Spiritual director, Jesuit Retreat House
  • Mr. Dan Dixon, S.J. - Theology teacher, Administration
  • Rev. Ben Jimenez, S.J. - Chaplain, St. Augstine Church
  • Br. Michael Nusbaum, S.J. - Minister of the Jesuit Community
  • Rev. Dan Reim, S.J. - Director of Mission, Vice Superior of the Jesuit Community
  • Rev. Matt Roche, S.J. - Spiritual director, Jesuit Retreat House
  • Rev. Paul Shelton, S.J. - Theology and Latin teacher
  • Rev. Sean Teets, S.J. - Faculty
  • Grad-at-Grad

    You'll see it in our Mission Statement, but the Grad-at-Grad (short for Graduate at Graduation) is a hallmark of Jesuit high school graduates. Successful students will emerge as Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving and Committed to work for peace and justice.

  • Alma Mater

    Our famed Alma Mater graces
    Every shrine within our hearts
    With her unforgotten faces
    And the faith that she imparts.
    Years in passing cannot sever
    Ties of new days from the old.
    We're Ignatius Men Forever
    As we hail the blue and gold.