86th Annual Scholarship Drive

Student-driven fundraiser with a $50,000 grand prize drawing on March 1, 2024

Saint Ignatius High School

Affinity Groups and Extracurriculars

United by our commitment to promoting the dignity of all students, Saint Ignatius High School offers a variety of extracurriculars that allow our students to actively gain a deeper understanding of diversity, not just throughout our school community, but society at large.
  • Asian American Society

    The Asian American Society is Saint Ignatius High School’s student-run organization that strives to promote Asian culture while educating, empowering, and inspiring Asian American students and others interested throughout the school community. The group meets bi-weekly to discuss issues that concern the treatment and experiences of Asian students on campus and works to create a broader culture of respect and inclusion for all.

  • Ignatian Alliance

    The Ignatian Alliance seeks to foster justice within our community by providing a space where students of all orientations feel respected and valued. In cherishing the dignity of each individual, the Ignatian Alliance strives to build acceptance through sharing resources, encouraging open dialogue and providing support to one another.

  • Multicultural Student Union

    Inclusion. Authenticity. Home. These are all words that describe the Multicultural Student Union (MSU) at Saint Ignatius High School. MSU aims to foster an energetic, peaceful and safe environment where students from different cultures, ethnicities and nationalities can interact, work together, and learn about – and from – one another, promoting appreciation for self and others.

  • Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club is open to all current students with an interest in Hispanic culture and a love of the Spanish language. Participants are exposed to a variety of cultural experiences and celebrations, peer tutoring and community service opportunities.