Online registration for SEP is now CLOSED. Please contact the Admissions Office at
(216) 651-0222 ext. 215 with any questions or concerns.


We look forward to your son’s participation in the 2017 Summer Enrichment Program on the campus of Saint Ignatius High School. We hope he will enjoy and benefit from his participation. Below is a general list of pertinent information regarding specific aspects of the program. Your son will be bringing home additional information as the program progresses.


The Summer Enrichment Program begins on Monday, June 12 and continues through Thursday, July 7. Participants will be expected to arrive at Saint Ignatius on a daily basis by 8 a.m. and will be dismissed at 1 p.m.


On Monday, June 12, the campers should report to the Atrium between the Science building and Loyola Hall at 7:45. They will pick up a handout which will assign them to a homeroom, a sports team, and a locker. They will go to their sports team table in Rade Hall and be given 2 t-shirts. They will then go to classes, eat lunch, have sports, and then go to Murphy Gym for Wrap Up and dismissal at 1 p.m. They must bring a lock on the first day. Locks will be available for purchase on the first day for $5.


Your sons may be dropped off in The Breen Center parking lot, the parking lot across from Wasmer Field, or the parking lot behind St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel.


Your son should dress comfortably. Athletic t-shirts will be provided for each participant. THESE SHIRTS MUST BE WORN EACH DAY. Your son must wear tennis or athletic shoes with socks each day. Each camper will receive 2 t-shirts on the first day. We will do our best to get them the right sizes.


All students will receive breakfast and lunch daily as part of SEP.  The cost of these meals is built in to the cost of SEP (approximately $75 of the $525 fee).  Before SEP begins each day, a light breakfast will be served.  In the middle of each day, after academics and before sports, we will stop for lunch.  Please understand that we have to feed 500 people in a short amount of time, so when we choose the menu, some consideration is given to expediency.  Foods that we can keep warm and that are quickly “plated and served” make the most sense given the busy SEP schedule.

In years past, we have tried to serve healthy foods at SEP; the students have consistently rejected them.  The amount of food that we wasted frankly was sinful.  Rather than be stubborn, we have decided to offer foods that “most kids like” in the hopes to get something in their bellies before the day starts as well as to cut down on the waste.  Also, fruit and milk are always part of the meal for breakfast; fruit, veggies, and milk are part of every lunch.  Granola bars will be available most mornings, as well.   

Please note that on the first day of SEP, there is no breakfast due to the amount of organization that needs to occur in the morning.  A menu will be emailed out in a few days; if your son doesn’t like the food that will be served on any given day, he is welcome to visit the hot dog vendor on campus, or bring his own lunch (to be kept in his locker until lunch time).

Breakfast is available starting around 7:30 a.m. and stays open until about 8 a.m.  The first few minutes of each day are organizational, so students should be able to eat breakfast even if they grab it right at 8 a.m., but in some sense, you’re taking your chances if you cut it too close.


A schedule of the planned field trips will be distributed on the first day of the program.  You should have clicked a box when you registered online that permits your son to attend all field trips for SEP.


Books, paper and all other school supplies will be provided. There is no need to bring anything other than a pen or pencil.


If your son is ill or will miss a day (or part of a day) for any reason, please call the school at 216-651-3374 between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.


Lockers will be assigned to each student on the first day. All cell phones must be kept in the locker each day until 1 p.m. for the entire Program. Your son will have access to his phone after Wrap Up or if given special permission.  Cell phones may be allowed on certain field trips, as well.


Transportation is not provided for the Summer Enrichment Program. RTA bus tickets, however, may be purchased in the school office located in the Loyola Hall Building (Dean of Students office) for $3.00 (2 rides). If you signed up to carpool, a listing will be emailed to you in the last week of May.


You may pick your son up any time after 1 p.m. You can either park your car and meet him on campus (usually the Mall is a good place for those meetings) or you can let him know where you’ll be and he can meet you there. Most parents park in The Breen Center parking lot, the lot across from Wasmer Field, or the lot behind St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel. Students are welcome to hang out on the Mall or in the Atrium while they wait for their rides, and plenty of them do, so your son should not be alone if he’s waiting. Most of the students are gone by 1:30 p.m., but we do have sports camps and such going on all the time down here, so it’s not often that the campus is completely empty. That said, there will be no supervision of the students after 1 p.m., so please plan to pick them up as soon as SEP ends each day.


On the last day of SEP the students are dismissed at 11 a.m., so there is no lunch on that day. For the students, the last day consists mostly of an Awards Ceremony, the Championships for Sports and an All-Star Basketball Game vs. the sophomore counselors. For the parents, we offer Mass in the St. Mary Chapel at 8:30 and an Admissions presentation in the Breen Center at 9:10 on the last day of SEP - we hope that you can join us! Once the presentation ends, the parents can head over to the Sullivan Gym to catch the All-Star Game. The students are dismissed from the Gym, so parents can meet up with their sons and drive them home right from there.   



The director and staff of the Summer Enrichment Program will assume that your son applied with the intention of gaining worthwhile experiences as a participant. Misbehavior or conduct unbecoming to the specified goals of the program will not be tolerated. The duration of the program does not allow for long-term counseling as is available during the regular school day. Any display of serious misconduct will result in immediate termination from the program.

Additional information regarding class assignments and field trips will be handed out on the first day of the program. If you have any questions before that time, please feel free to contact Admissions Director, Pat O'Rourke '90 at 216-651-0222 ext. 394.



Anthony Antonelli, Director
Summer Enrichment Program