Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does Saint Ignatius do with my gift?

A. The generosity of our donors helps all areas of Saint Ignatius High School. The majority of donations help to provide tuition assistance to those families that would otherwise not be able to afford a Saint Ignatius education.

In addition to tuition assistance, a donor can designate his gift to help support the Jesuit Mission, Fine Arts and Athletics.

All gifts to Saint Ignatius High School, regardless of size or designation, have a direct impact on the students.

Q. Does Saint Ignatius provide Academic or Athletic scholarships?

A. Saint Ignatius provides a grant, known as the Ignatian Scholars program, to those applicants that score a 93 or better on the Admissions Entrance Exam. Starting with members of the class of 2020, the grant will be renewable for four years. The school does not provide scholarships based on athletic performance.

Students who have been accepted to Saint Ignatius can also apply for tuition assistance. The tuition assistance program, run through an independent third party, is designed to provide relief for lower income or disadvantage families with aid granted solely on need-based circumstances.

Q. How does the endowment work?

A. The endowment provides the school with a permanent source of income to draw on each year. Endowment distribution is based on 5% of the average market value over a rolling 12 quarters (3 years) to recognize the long term investing strategy employed.  The distribution amount is set each year as part of the annual budget process. 

Q. I made a gift to the school - why was my name not included in the Advancement Review?

A. Saint Ignatius High School records all donations made to the school and each year the Advancement Review acknowledges gifts and payments received during the fiscal year, which is July 1 through June 30. The printed version contains all donors in the 1886 Society (gifts of $1,250 and above) and the online version contains all donors at all levels.

If your gift was received after June 30, you will be recognized in the following year’s annual report

Q. Can I designate how my gift will impact Saint Ignatius High School?

A. All gifts to Saint Ignatius will ultimately benefit the students, no matter what the designation is for your support. If you desire to designate how your gift is applied, there are several ways to show your support for Saint Ignatius:

  • Annual Fund (Tuition Assistance, Jesuit Mission, Athletics, Arts)
  • Endowment & family scholarships
  • Company Matching Gifts
  • Planned Giving  Manresa Society
  • Gifts In-kind

Q. I've heard that Saint Ignatius does not need the money - is there really a need to donate?

A. The need for financial support is at an all-time high. With tuition set at $14,800 for the 2015 - 2016 school year, Saint Ignatius must be able to provide tuition assistance to those families that would otherwise not be able to afford to send their sons to Saint Ignatius. This ability to provide assistance comes directly from donations to the school.

Per Board of Regents policy, Saint Ignatius High School is able to draw 5% of the current value of endowment funds each year to be used mainly for tuition assistance. 

Q. Is my gift to Saint Ignatius tax deductible?

A. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, all monetary gifts to Saint Ignatius are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Upon receipt of your donation, the Advancement Office will send you an official acknowledgement of your gift.

Q. Who manages the endowment?

A. The endowment is managed by Saint Ignatius High School’s Investment Subcommittee. The Investment Subcommittee is comprised ofnine outsiders plus paid investment consultants.

Q. How much should I give?

A. All gifts, regardless of size, are vital in helping Saint Ignatius High School meet its financial obligations and goals.

Participation among alumni and members of the school community in supporting the school financial is essential for Saint Ignatius to remain an institution where all students, regardless of their family income, can attend.