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How to Apply

The most important part of the admissions process is that prospective students and their families have all of the information that they need to make an informed decision. Our office is dedicated to giving students every opportunity to obtain this information at our grade school presentations, Open House, Information Sessions, and through our "Wildcat for a Day" visits. For more information,  contact the Admissions Office at (216) 651-0222, ext 394.

The first-step of the admissions process is taking our Admissions Test. Tests will be offered October 11, October 25, and November 8. The Admissions test covers math, English and reading, and is used as only one criterion for evaluating prospective students. All prospective students must take this test.

The test fee is $20, which can be paid at the test with either cash or a check made out to Saint Ignatius High School.   Payment should accompany the student to his examination.

At the test, each student will receive several forms that will need to be returned to our office by late January:

  • Principal/Teacher Recommendation
  • Pastor Recommendation

Diocesan School Applicants

Prospective students who attend diocesan schools will receive their applications in mid-January from their grade school. The application deadline will be at the end of the same week in which the applications are distributed. Upon submission of the diocesan application, records will be sent to the applicant's "first-choice" school. Please understand that Saint Ignatius High School must be listed as the first choice in order to be considered for admission.

Non-Diocesan School Applicants

Prospective students who do not attend diocesan schools will receive non-diocesan application forms when they take our admissions test. These forms must be submitted to our office by January 31, 2015. The application will become official upon the receipt of the non-diocesan application form and transcripts (in addition to the forms mentioned earlier).  The admissions committee is made up of the school's Principal, Director of Admissions, the Director of Multicultural and Retention Services, and several faculty members. In mid-February 2015, this committee will select our Class of 2019, making decisions based on the admissions philosophy set by the school's Board of Regents. All applicants will receive decision letters by the end of February.